Christmas Joy Bags

Thank You For Your Interest In Our Romanian Christmas “Joy Bag” Mission

Each year, through Fairhaven Children’s Home in Covington, La, “Christmas Joy Bags” are made and filled with various items that are given to the elderly in nursing homes in Romania. These simple bags make a “World of Difference” for those receiving them.

You can help us in several ways:
1)    Provide a monetary donation so we can purchase items for the boxes
2)    Provide us with some of the items from the list below

In order to have the bags arrive in time for Christmas, they should be delivered to Fairhaven Children’s Home in Covington, Louisiana by October.

We appreciate your interest in helping to provide “Christmas Joy Bags” for the elderly in Romania.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank You,
Johnny Huffman

The list appropriate of items has been given by those working in this ministry in Romania.

And… you may ask “Why candy?”   This says it all…
In preparation for an earlier visit to Romania, Sissie was shopping at Sam’s for supplies to take with them, when she saw a large bag of tootsie roll pops on the sticks… she thought they may use them on the trip so she bought them knowing they would have to carry them along with all the other supplies they were taking. (This was the time before containers and Johnny and Sissie were literally carrying supplies in suitcases… all they could physically carry… on their trips to Romania)  During the trip they visited a nursing home, and here Sissie thought about using the candy to brighten each person’s day.  The results were amazing… the elderly were slowly enjoying their candy… and then would wrap the candy up and put it back in their pocket!  When Sissie asked about this… she was told that these precious people never had treats like this and they wanted to make that one small piece of candy last as long as they could!  This made carrying the candy through the trip there well worth it!  And this is why the candy is so important in the Christmas Joy Bags!
Items needed in the Christmas Joy Bags (please note that it is not necessary to donate all items):

Knit Hats

Sweater (light weight)






Shampoo (Place in Ziploc Bags please)

Hand Lotion/Moisturizer (Place in Ziploc Bags please)


Shaving Cream


Perfume (Place in Ziploc Bags please)




Bobbie Pins


Soft Headbands

Pony Tail Holders


Coffee Cups/Mugs


Pads of Paper/Tablets



Colored Pencils




Playing Cards

Mardi Gras Cups

Mardi Gras Beads

Small Flashlight with Batteries

Hard Candy (Individually Wrapped)

Blow Pops

Tootsie Roll Pops

Unbroken Jewelry

Clean untorn Stuffed Animals

Individually wrapped Tea Bags

Packets of Hot Chocolate


For more information please call:
Katherine Peredo:  home (985) 809-5615, cell (985) 290-6713