Adopt A Family

Adopt a Family (and others)!

Would YOU like to make a REAL difference?  Adopt a Romanian Family, and it may mean the difference in life and death.

How?  Many people will starve to death, or freeze to death this winter due to lack of food or fuel… and a few dollars a month can make all the difference in the world to them!

This is a TRUE ministry where 100% of the money pledged each month will be received by your adopted family… personally delivered by a representative of Hope for Others.

You will be given details about the family you adopt, and if you would like to communicate with them, we would do so as much as possible through our translator.

The purpose of this program – as all of our programs – is to show God’s Love and Grace to special people in need… only here it is from YOU – an individual, and not an organization!  Just think of what a blessing that would be… for everyone… many times we receive much more than we give!