Fairhaven Introduction

Welcome to the Fairhaven Ministry of Faith, Hope, & Love and Fairhaven Children’s Home, in Covington, Louisiana.  Please be sure to watch our introductory video (click here).

The Fairhaven Ministry also includes the Romanian Ministry, Hope For Others… where “Our Mission Is To Serve”… both the Spiritual and Physical Needs of Special People led to us through God’s Love and Grace… and in so doing… may they have HOPE.


Update for 2012

As we prepare for the Christmas season of 2012… let’s remember those in need with the Christmas Boxes for Children  and the Christmas Joy Bags for those in the Nursing Homes.

These small but powerful gifts really make a World of Difference… read on and experience only a small part of all the life-changing happenings that were blessings in previous years with the deliveries of the Christmas Boxes and Christmas Joy Bags.

Christmas Joy Bags for Nursing Homes

This ministry is similar to the Christmas Joy Boxes for the children of Romania… only these bags go to those in the nursing homes.  These simple bags make a “World of Difference” for those receiving them.

Three Ministries

Actually, we consider Fairhaven to be three ministries.

First, Fairhaven is a Tribute to God’s faithfulness.

Second, a ministry to try to provide a stable, home-like atmosphere for children who come from broken homes and other environments in which their lives are often shattered. To provide a safe and secure place from the storms of life they often face.


Third, a ministry to others.  We have had the privilege of helping others here in America, a few other countries, as well as a full-time ministry in Romania.

We welcome all people to visit the Home and see the miracles that God has performed and is performing… to know that God is a faithful God and can be trusted to provide for His children… as he has promised.

Mission Statement

1.  To Meet the Spiritual, Physical, and Mental Needs of Others as Our Lord Makes it Possible.

2.  To NEVER BE LIMITED by Race, Color, Religious Preference, or Organization, Where There Are Needs To Be Met.

3.  To ALWAYS Put Our Confidence in God to Meet the Needs, and to Give Us Wisdom and Direction According to His Will.

4.  That Whatever is Accomplished, Whether in Word or Deed, is Accomplished in Such a Way as to Demonstrate and Share the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to Bring Praise, Honor, and Glory to Only Him.